A WEDDING AFFAIR (Atlanta Affair Series #3) by Isabella Rae





When Nick McCoy first met Piper, he was lost and nursing a broken heart; so when she offers him a no-strings attached relationship, he is eager to accept. What he first thinks of as good arrangement, turns into something so much bigger. Something that could change his life forever.

For Piper love doesn’t exist. She spends her time running her business and only entering into casual relationships. She never stays with one man long, and so far that has worked for her. When Nick comes along, he shows her something different; he shows her that things can’t always be simple. And maybe, just maybe, love does exist after all





I must admit, when Nick said this to Piper, my panties burst into flames!!!!



Nick & Piper

I. Am. Speechless! Well, not exactly, but I am utterly head over heels in love with this story! I haven’t had so many emotions come out of me from a book is so long, it was a welcoming change! There are so many facets to this love story that I’m not even sure you can call it a “love story.” Don’t get me wrong, it IS a love story, just not your traditional type of love story! This tale of love, anxiety, and acceptance is so compelling that I guarantee you won’t be able to set it down. From cover to cover I was on pins and needles waiting for the other shoe to drop and oh, it dropped… right on my heart! Damn you Isabella Rae, you’re killing me!

The characters were well developed and very original. I found myself wanting to be a part of this band of friends if only for a little while! Nick is so many things. He’s handsome and oh so hot. He’s intelligent and very funny. And above all, he’s got the biggest heart I’ve ever seen in an alpha male! So, I guess it’s safe to say, he’ll melt your heart as well as your panties!!! Now Piper, well she seemed very crass and rude in the beginning, but it didn’t take long for that little spitfire to get under my skin and make me fall in love with her also. It’s refreshing to see a characters transformation throughout the turning pages and feel like you’ve been a part of an uprising within someone’s soul.

Great supporting characters in Carter, Victoria, Sage, and their men! I was pleased to see the lives of characters from previous books carry on and flourish. I think every girl in the world should have a gay best boyfriend! I just love Carter with all my heart and hope that one day he’ll get his own book! 

The dialogue flows very nicely and feels exceptionally natural. The surroundings and characters were described to a point that it wasn’t over exaggerated, but felt genuine! Isabelle creates the right amount of tension and torment that when you do finally get to the climax, you’ll be thoroughly satisfied! It’s 315 (Kindle Version) pages long and that may or may not seem like a lot to you, but I read it in a little over 24 hours. Probably because I couldn’t put it down! Great story Isabella, I look forward to many more wonderful books from you!

5 Stars!


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 Isabella Rae has been writing for over 10 years but never published because she was discouraged by the publishing process. Recently a friend of hers released a book through self-publishing and inspired Isabella to release her first book. When Isabella is not writing she is busy being a single mom to 2 beautiful girls, and works as a freelance baker and runs Isabella’s Minibook Swag making swag for other authors.
Isabella was born in Peachtree City, Georgia, a suburb south of Atlanta, where she still resides. Her love of reading inspired her to move into writing. She uses personal experiences with baking and life in general to inspire her work. As a unique touch to each of the books in her first series, she has chosen to include personal recipes to give it a personal touch.
Isabella is active on social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Pinterest.

Facebook: https://facebook.com/isabellarae1984

Twitter: @Isabella_Rae84

Website: www.authorisabellarae.weebly.com


What was your inspiration for the Atlanta Affair series?

Isabella: Well, I live just south of Atlanta, so for me, that was an obvious setting. Honestly my characters were the inspiration. All three main friends (Victoria, Sage, and Nick) are all inspired by people in my life. I created all the characters first and then let them create the stories.

What is your writing inspiration?

Isabella: I guess you could say that my daughters are the reason I write. I’m trying to make a better life for them. As far as for the books themselves I use personalities I encounter as well as fantasies to inspire me, but I can find inspiration in anything; a song, a photo anything.

How did you become a writer?

Isabella: I actually started writing in High School. Over the years I started several different stories, but always put them down and forgot about them. I thought I would never be able to get them published so I didn’t make them a priority. Recently I saw that Harper Sloan had released Axel. I went to high school with Harper and seeing her with a book out, inspired me to try again. She actually helped me a lot during this whole process.

What words of wisdom would you give to those wanting to get into writing or just starting out?

Isabella: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The indie author community is amazingly supportive. I still have so much to learn, but they are all so willing to help. I’m proud to be included in such an amazing group of people.

Who is your favorite character from your book?

Isabella: I honestly don’t know if I can answer that. I like all of them for different things. I love that Leland is willing to do what’s necessary to get what he wants. I love that Victoria is so self-aware. I really enjoy the friendship between Victoria and Sage, they fit together so well.

Do you have a genre that you want to get into next?

Isabella: I actually have a suspense novel I am planning at the moment.

Do you plan to start a new book or series (anything outside of your current work)?

Isabella: Of course I plane to write more after my Atlanta Affair Series. After A Wedding Affair, I plan to take a break to start a few different books I’ve been planning. Broken Aria is the first one I plan to focus on.

What is your favorite color?

Isabella: A combo of Turquoise and pink

What is your favorite city you like to visit?

Isabella: Out of the places I have been, probably New York

What place do you dream to visit?

Isabella: Ireland, I traced my family back to County Donegal Ireland and would love to go there.

What do you do outside of writing?

Isabella: I am a single mom, and a baker.

What are you currently working on?

Isabella: I just finished A Wedding Affair and I am participating in Camp Wrimonano working on Broken Aria.

What’s your favorite book?

Isabella: Wow, I don’t have an answer for this one. My favorite book always changes. I would say that whenever the new Janet Evanovich book comes out, I buy it!

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Isabella: Probably reality tv, I can’t get enough of the drama. I hate drama in my own life, but give me the Real World/Road Rules Challenge and I’m hooked.

What is one thing that no one really knows about you?

Isabella: That I was in an abusive relationship for eight years before finding the strength to leave.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?

Isabella: That there is no such thing as too much when it comes to promotion for your books.




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